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Personal Chef Delivery Service

Each meal is created 100% from SCRATCH in our commercial kitchen then delivered to your doorstep!

No Cooking Required – Just Heat and Eat!

Our Personal Chef meals are a great way to save valuable time for your family and still have delicious food that makes everyone smile! Many of our regular clients find that they are not only buying delicious food but they are saving time and actually saving money! They aren’t wasting time shopping with every intention of making yummy dinners for themselves and their families OR buying and throwing away food because they ran out of time to make that yummy dinner. We give you the best of both worlds!


It's the simplest way to eat healthy! Let us take care of you and your family and give you the peace of mind knowing that your meals have been made from whole ingredients and are pre-portioned for you. Many clients find that they can control their eating simply by having their portions set for them. And you'd be shocked to find where we'll hide the vegetables on you...

We cook all our Chef Meals in our Commercial Kitchen and deliver them to your house, fresh, in microwave and freezer safe containers. That means no shopping, no chopping, no muss, no fuss for you! Just delicious food fresh from our kitchen to yours!


When you are ready to order, simply fill out the Contact Us page with your info (name, address, and we will get back to you personally to ensure that your Personal Chef Package details are correct and we will get you on the schedule. 

(Note: Severe Dietary Restrictions may not be able to be accommodated. Please see the FAQ Page for more information)


How this all works…well, it’s pretty easy! All you have to do is choose which package you would like to order (listed below) and let us know which week you would like delivery (we deliver on Wednesdays or Thursdays depending on location/other orders for the week). We do ask for about one weeks’ notice as we do all of our own shopping fresh every weekend. From there, we get you set up in our calendar and once you have reviewed our proposal, we are good to go!

Personal Chef Package options and pricing (price listed does not include tax/service charge:

Traditional Chef's Choice – minimal dietary restrictions (WE choose your menu for you! 

  • 5 entrees Chef Choice (2 servings each = 10 servings) : $185.00

  • 5 entrees Chef Choice (4 servings each = 20 servings) : $310.00

Custom Select Packages – (YOU choose from a Rotating Weekly menu):

  • 5 entrees CSM (2 servings each = 10 servings) : $225.00

  • 5 entrees CSM (4 servings each = 20 servings) : $325.00

Paleo Friendly - Chef's Choice Only - These meals will be naturally free from Gluten, Lactose, Refined Sugar (limited amounts of Honey and Agave only), Processed Foods, Starches, Rice, Corn, Beans, Legumes

  • 5 entrees Chef's Choice (2 servings each = 10 servings) :$225.00

  • 5 entrees Chef's Choice (4 servings each = 20 servings) : $400.00


Then, you will get delivery of these amazing meals to your doorstep (or even refrigerator if you are home) on Wednesday or Thursday depending on your location. Each Package comes complete with a salad kit of fresh greens, fixings, and dressing; and a quart of fresh fruit.

See details above for pricing and package information, see menu link above for the upcoming Custom Select Menus and our FAQ page for more details.

From our customers


Larissa, Personal Chef client, Raleigh

“The meals I ordered were restaurant quality delicious AND they are all nutritious...THANK YOU for making life easier and so very tasty! No more fast food pit stops on the way to soccer, gymnastics, baseball, swimming, guitar, piano, cheerleading, tutoring..."


James, Personal Chef client, Raleigh

Just wanted to tell you that your food is incredible. WOW. Stellar!

Sean, Personal Chef client, Raleigh


[We] were both clearly smitten by poached cod in curry. 

It was our favorite meal of all of them so far.  

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