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Personal Chef Meal Delivery / Curb-Side Pick Up

Weekly Menu for March 30 - April 4

All orders need to be placed by midnight on Sunday, March 29th. Orders will be prepared and ready for pick-up on Wednesday, April 1st OR delivery on either Wednesday, 1st or Thursday, April 2nd (depending on location). *See pricing and details at the bottom of the page.

Cider Braised Beef with Maple Sweet Potatoes (GF/DF/*P)

Beautifully braised beef, perfectly seasoned and served with maple sweet potatoes and a delicate cider gravy; all with Chef’s Choice Veggies

Presto Pesto Chicken (DF/GF/*P/*K)

Tender pasta tossed in a fresh herb-loaded, cheese-free, pesto sauce topped with vibrant veggies and pesto (*Nuts) seared chicken all served over Rice (Parmesan Served On the Side to keep the dish Dairy Free if you like)

Tomato Polenta Tart with Goat Cheese (VEG)

A thick tomato flavored polenta, drenched in creamy goat cheese, shingled with thin slices of summer squash and zucchini and roasted veggies

Sheik Greek Shrimp

Feta Cheese crowns this delicious dish loaded with plump shrimp tossed in a plethora of Greek Herbs and Spices all served with a chunky tomato sauce over Linguini

Pork Loin with Caramelized Apples and Onions (GF/DF/*P)

Tender and juicy Pork Loin Chops, sliced thin and topped with a mixture of tart apples and sweet onions that have been caramelized to bring out their best flavor, served with Sweet Mash and Veggies

Herb Crusted Chicken

Chicken Breast cutlets, topped with a toasty, golden seasoned breadcrumbs, then baked and served over our luscious and creamy Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Seasonal Veggies

Maple Ginger Chicken Stir Fry (DF)

Tender Chicken, seared golden and tossed in an Asian-inspired sauce with veggies, all served over fluffy rice

Sunshine Chicken over Mediterranean Quinoa (GF/*P)

Chicken seasoned with a zippy turmeric blend of spices for a colorful and flavorful bite, served over healthy wilted greens and fluffy quinoa topped with a Mediterranean salsa

Brown Butter Buffalo Burgers (GF/*K)

Creamy Mash topped with open faced burgers smothered in a slightly ‘zippy’ Brown Butter Buffalo Sauce all served with steamed broccoli, carrots, and onions

Bourbon Chicken with Roasted Mirepoix (LF)

Chicken chunks in a ginger, apple, vanilla bourbon sauce served over your choice of Creamy Mash or Basmati Rice with big chunks of Roasted Mirepoix

Lemon Artichoke Chicken (GF/*K)

A creamy, cheesy, artichoke loaded filling, stuffed into tender Chicken Breasts, served over fluffy rice with veggies and topped with a drizzle of cheesy sauce

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies $11.95

An all-time Favorite! We deliver 2 dozen frozen cookies to you. All you have to do is pop them in the oven (as few or as many as you like!) for a scratch-made dessert to treat yourself or your family!

Maple Pecan Breakfast Strata $18.95

No need to put the Maple Syrup on this breakfast delight because we put it right in the dish! Tuck this gem in your freezer for that low-maintenance breakfast. All you have to do is take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the day before and then pop it into the oven in the morning. Voila! Your family will thank you all day!

Confetti Cookies (VGN) $11.95

A delicious sugar cookie, crisp, with just a little chewiness, loaded with Sprinkles. How can you say no? Even better....they are Vegan! Delivered Frozen so you can make what you want, when you want them! Two Dozen per order.

Breakfast Burritos - Veggie or Bacon $12.00

Fluffy, scrambled eggs stuffed into golden tortillas with cheese and your choice of Bacon or Roasted Veggies (or a mix of both), individually wrapped and ready for the oven. This is a great option to keep in your freezer for an easy breakfast on the go!

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies (GF) $11.95

Peanut Butter Lovers, these cookies are for you! And, bonus, they are Gluten Free too! Enjoy a crispy cookie loaded with peanut butter goodness! Two Dozen, frozen for easy storage and bake-and-eat convenience!

Fruit and Salad Kit $25

With this Add-On you get a quart of fresh fruit plus a Salad Kit that includes Fresh Greens; fresh-cut salad fixings; and scratch-made dressing.


Dietary/ Ordering Notes

GF=Gluten Free   /   DF=Dairy Free   /   *W30 = Whole 30  /   *P=Paleo   /   *K=Keto  /  VEG=Vegetarian   /   VGN=Vegan  

* Signifies these dishes can be adapted to the above Dietary Requests.

The descriptions, as written above, reflect the Traditional Preparation of the dish.

^^Upcharge applies.

Chef Mario's Inc. has been in the business of Personal Chef Meal preparation for a long time! It is one of our specialties! Chef has been cooking Personal Chef Meals since 1998! He is an expert!! We will amaze you with our flavors and our presentation! And at this time of attention on sanitation, we can assure you we are taking precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe! More details are available on our Home Page. 


This page is set up as a temporary page to give anyone new to our service a good idea of what we offer! We have set up some special packages ana adjusted our pricing scale at this time to hopefully help you get some delicious food on the table that you didn't have to shop for, prep for, cook, or clean up after! You can take comfort in the fact that we use whole ingredients that are fresh and craft them in to tasty entree's that you will feel good feeding to your family. 

The menu below is what we are offering for the week of March 23rd. We do our deliveries on Wednesdays and Thursdays - depending on where you live and the number and locations of all orders. 


We are offering both delivery and curb-side pick up again this week! 

Packages - we have adjusted our packages so all clients are able to order as many or as few as they like - and they are of your choice from our weekly menu. The number of items you order or amount you spend will determine your delivery/pick-up option or need.  

Pick up only: 1-6 Individual entrees or any combination that totals less than $79. 

Free Delivery and Bundling:  Free delivery is available for anyone in our delivery area (please contact us to let us know your address) who spends more than $79 OR if you would like to pick up your order, curb-side, we will give you 10% off your order! ALSO, we have a Salad and Fruit Bundle offer: if you order total is more than $135, we will include a Salad kit with fresh greens, veggie fixings, and scratch-made dressing as well as a quart of fresh fruit for a mere $20! It's a great deal and a nice addition to your table! If you would like to add the Salad and Fruit Bundle for a smaller package it would be $25.

Entrée Sizing and Pricing: Individual entrees range in size from 14 -18 ounces (depending on what is in them - potatoes weigh more than pasta which weighs more than rice - just an example) and our Plus-One Entrees are sized to feed 2 - 3 adults and weigh 40 - 54 ounces. The Plus-One Entrees are a new addition to our line-up. We are eliminating our Full Family Size for the time being due to container availability.  Pricing is as follows:

Individual Entrees: $13.50 (plus tax/sc)

Plus-One Entrees: $35.00 (plus tax/sc)

I don't have a great ordering form set up for you yet... sorry! But all you need to do is e-mail me at holly@chefmario.com with your address and what you would like to order and we will get you all set up and get all the details settled for your delivery! Easy cheesy! 

So, take a look at our menu below and get that e-mail ready to go! AND PLEASE REMEMBER, I am just a note away if you have any questions!