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One-Ingredient Cooking

Scratch-Made, House-Made, Fresh

We are terribly conscientious of the fact that we have many clients that eat our food almost daily. We also know that so many pre-made foods, boxed mixes, canned and jarred sauces, and bottled marinades and dressings are loaded with fillers, hidden sugars, artificial colors, and many other unnecessary ingredients. That is why we work hard to avoid them! 

Chef Mario's employs the One-Ingredient approach to cooking: he starts with fresh, whole ingredients to make everything from stocks, dressings, sauces, marinades, spice blends, and even all of his sweets. We know what is in your food because we put it there. Of course we do leave a few things to the experts, like mustards, vinegars, soy sauce, mayonaise, tamari, and ketchup...not a huge list! We spend hours washing and peeling veggies every week to turn into Veggie blends, soups, sides, sauces, and marinades. We use fresh meats that we trim and butcher to specification for our weekly menu. We do not use any deli meats to make sandwiches or salads: we sear and roast fresh chicken and steak to turn into lunches and dinners for our customers. We make all of our salad dressings from scratch with fresh herbs and tasty vinegars - no powdered mixes here. We bake all of our sweets from scratch every week. Can you say butter? Yum! We cook off dry beans to avoid all of the added sodium in canned beans. We even shred our own cheese to avoid the anti clumping agents present in pre-shredded cheese. 

These are our standard practices. You can be assured of this level of care, attention, and freshness whether you get our Corporate Catering, Personal Chef Services, or stop by our Cafe for lunch. We care about what you eat. 

Chef eats his own food every day, so he knows what it tastes like, knows what worked out great, and also finds a thing or two he might be able to improve on next time! But, he is dedicated to making sure your meals taste delicious, look amazing, and are full of wholesome, fresh ingredients that didn't come from a bag, box, or jar. 

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