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I want to order from you! How do I do it? 

That's easy! Just pop on over to our Contact Us Page and send us a note! For best results, give us a few details about what type of event you are having, how many happy guests will be there, when it will be, and what you think you would like to serve. You leave us your name, e-mail address, and phone number and we will get back to you as soon as we can with more details so we can get your event settled on the books and you can check one more detail off your list of things to do!

How Much does a Personal Chef Package Cost?

Lets get this one out of the way first. Each package will contain your 100% ready to eat cooked from scratch entrees, appropriate sides, tossed salad kit with home made dressing, fresh fruit to munch on plus a complete menu with simple microwave ready instructions and you can even reuse the containers the meals come in for storage! The meals are ready to be popped into the microwave, fridge or freezer!

Chef's Choice (WE choose your menu for you! Total price with taxes and service charge is in parenthesis)
5 entrees Chef Choice x 2 servings each (10 servings total) / $185.00
5 entrees Chef Choice x 4 servings each (20 servings total) / $310.00


Custom Select Packages – (YOU choose from a Rotating Weekly menu we offer):

5 entrees x 2 servings each (10 servings total) / $225.00

5 entrees x 4 servings each (20 servings total) / $325.00

Paleo Friendly Meal Packages – Chef's Choice Only
These meals will be naturally free from Gluten, Lactose, Refined Sugar (limited amounts of Honey and Agave only), Processed Foods, Starches, Rice, Corn, Beans, Legumes
5 entrees x 2 servings each (10 servings total) / $225.00
5 entrees x 4 servings each (20 servings total) / $400.00

What about the Nutritional Info? How do I know it's healthy?
We keep it really simple over here and understand that what we put into our bodies must be recognizable as food (meaning no overly processed foods, unnecessary preservatives, hidden fillers, etc. ). We take a lot of care during the cooking process to keep your health in mind. Our meals are balanced with lean meats, fresh produce and loaded up on veggies in places you'd never suspect! In fact, even our meatballs and meatloaves are chock full of micro-diced veggies that even your pickiest kid won't detect! Each meal is created 100% from scratch (yes, we even make our own chicken stock, salad dressings and marinades!!) so you can rest assured that you are doing right by your family when you sit down to enjoy a Chef Mario's Meal!

How does the Chef come up with the "Chef's Choice" Menus?
Some of our clients prefer to choose their own menu from our Custom Select Menu, for reasons such as likes and dislikes, dietary restrictions or they just like to choose. But, for you fun and adventurous eaters, the Chef's Choice Menu is the best way to go! Chef looks at all of the Catering orders we have on the books for a given week and determines what deliciousness he will feed all of our Chef's Choice clients based on those menus. Really, you win because our Catering clients pick some amazing dishes, so he has lots to choose from.

What if I want to get the Chef’s Choice menu, but I have dietary restrictions?
Chef can usually handle small requests for some dietary restrictions because we usually have several other dishes he can choose from. However, there are some restrictions that are not easy to work with. For example, Chef cannot accommodate diets that can't have garlic, onions, salt. These items are crucial in seasoning and often included in most recipes. If you have a dietary restriction, just let us know and we will let you know if it is something we can work around. Severe Dietary Restrictions would fall into more of a Private Chef line as each dish would have to be prepared and cooked completely separate from all of the other dishes that Chef has to prepare on a weekly basis. Accommodation of this service is accepted or declined depending on our full roster of clients. 

Do Chef Mario's Personal Chef meals come with sides?
Some of our menu items are considered one-bowl meals (e.g. Grandma’s Stuffed Peppers: the pepper and tomato sauce fill the vegetable requirement, the turkey and brown rice filling is considered your protein and starch and the cheese would be your dairy serving). Other menu items such as Beef Stroganoff or Bourbon Chicken would be accompanied with sides.

Where does Chef Mario's deliver?
We will cover the entire Triangle area and beyond. A delivery fee will be included in the bill for Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest and other outer Triangle areas. When we chat about your order, we will check out your address to see if you fall within our free delivery zone. 

Do you have gift certificates for the Personal Chef Meal Delivery Service?
Absolutely! New baby? Someone you know not feeling well? Or maybe you know someone in desperate need of a little extra help? Each Gift Certificate lasts for a full 6 months after the date of purchase, so they can choose when they're ready to order! We can take care of this with you over the phone. Just send us a note through the Contact us page to get the process started. 

When are deliveries made?
We deliver on Wednesday's or Thursdays between approximately 2:00-5:00pm (delivery day is dependent on where you live, how many other clients have ordered, and where they live. 

Can I get some references?
Referrals from happy clients are our #1 way for getting clients! Call or email for a list of people who would love to tell you themselves.

Does Chef Mario’s accept credit cards?
Of course! Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are all happily accepted!

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