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New Website Ordering:

Check out our new e-commerce page:

You will find our full menu there and can order and pay on-line! It is our first big weekend of orders, so please reach out to if you have any issues! I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

We are so excited to be cooking for all of you every week! We are working hard to bring you all the deliciousness you want with all of the freshness we can bring. 

Don't forget Thanksgiving is around the corner AND we have our menu almost ready and set for some delicious options for you! 


Chicken Bacon Roulade Overview.jpg

From our customers


Larissa, Personal Chef client, Raleigh

“The meals I ordered were restaurant quality delicious AND they are all nutritious...THANK YOU for making life easier and so very tasty! No more fast food pit stops on the way to soccer, gymnastics, baseball, swimming, guitar, piano, cheerleading, tutoring..."


James, Personal Chef client, Raleigh

Just wanted to tell you that your food is incredible. WOW. Stellar!


Sean, Personal Chef client, Raleigh

[We] were both clearly smitten by poached cod in curry. 

It was our favorite meal of all of them so far.  

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