Welcome to Chef Mario's Personal Chef Services! 

New Website is Up and On-line Ordering is Active! 

We are so happy to be up and running with our new E-Commerce Ordering at:  www.chefmariosinc.com/shop

Please head to our new website and get signed up for our mailing list. I promise I won't bombard you with junk mail! I will only let you know the MOST IMPORTANT details ... like when to order, when there is something really cool you don't want to miss, when we have a fun contest going on, or when I am looking for some feedback on new and fun things! So, don't worry about getting 20 e-mails from us a week! 

'Remember, it always tastes better when someone else cooks!'


Karen, Personal Chef Client - Raleigh

"It has meant so much to our sanity and well being to have meals delivered with care, passion, and compassion. Chef Mario's has really come through for us and we are delighted to continue services..." 

Cher, Personal Chef Client - Raleigh

"I just wanted to say that [Chef] Mario's meals are so flavorful and delicious, each and every one and I love his kale! I'm so happy I found this service! Thank you,"