What Clients Have to Say... (And no, we didn't pay them to say it!)
Just wanted you to know that the food and presentation was EXCELLENT! Everyone raved about how beautiful it looked and how delicious it was. The chefs were right on time and both helpful and professional. Thanks again..I will absolutely be calling you guys in the future! Your food is amazing :)
Sincerely, Baily

Best personal chef service ever! I found Chef Mario's after an accident that left one family member with a severe head injury, and leaving me as a caretaker. I was out of my mind with worry and stress, and someone suggested I look into a personal chef to ease my daily chores. After quite a bit of online research, I chose Chef Mario's to deliver meals for what I thought would be one week. I was so impressed with the quality of the food that I extended the service another week...then another...then another. Having a healthy dinner prepared for my family made all the difference to helping us recover from the devastating accident. So, enough about me, how about the food. First, everything is delicious--gourmet quality. I'm typically a picky eater, but I have loved every single meal that has been delivered--that's 15 different entrees so far. Plus, it seems that a lot of attention is paid to the nutritional value of the entrees and the portions are generous. Chef Mario's service is perfect. They were able to accommodate my order as a last-minute addition when I explained my dire situation, and they make sure to ask about food allergies. They deliver when promised, and everyone I've talked to has been kind, helpful, and enthusiastic. Truly, I cannot thank Chef Mario's enough for the wonderful food and service at this difficult time. This is an exceptional personal chef.
Thanks so much for everything Darcy!  Please let everyone know that our instructor said he "could eat Chef Marios all day every day".  The top notch catering really made our guest happy!  I'll be in touch next time we are in the area.
Best, Crystal

(About our Personal Chef Services) "What [we] loved best about your food was the flavor, the freshness, and most importantly, the portion control. We LOVE food and simply over eat, no matter what we make!!! Also, just having the surprise every day of something fun."
Hi guys,
I just wanted you to know how great everything was last night. Your guys rocked, including Mario :) I so appreciate everything you bring to the table...great food, great service, and always going beyond my expectations.
Thanks for everything

Wow!!! The food was awesome at the PINK garden party. Loved just everything. Staff were so professional, the presentation was outstanding. Please know you will be the first person I call when I need a caterer.
Thank you!
Kathy B.
(Kudos via Snapfinger Catering)
Hey...just a nice note from the customer: "Please tell them I am so sorry [about having to cancel our lunch], it's a precarious stage of meetings for the Airport at this time...They prefer Chef Mario's at all costs as their favorite caterer"
(Note from CM's-- We love you too!!)
I just wanted to thank Chef Mario's for the fantastic service rendered.  As you know this was my first dinner party ever.  I've never catered an event, and I was extremely nervous and excited.  Your staff told me not to worry and "our goal is to impress and set our clients up for the ultimate sucess and rave reviews".  Well, you exceeded my expectations.  Justin (I hope I have the name correct) the delivering Chef set up a beautiful buffet and side table and he was very professional. The food, appetizers, salad ... everything on menu was excellent.  Everyone enjoyed the food and asked me to give the chef their compliments.  I will definitely use your service again.  Thank you for making my party the success it was.
Beverly, Wake Forest NC
To the Chef Mario's Team,
Success!!!  Thanks so much for the delicious munchies!!  Our consumers and employees absolutely raved about the lunches you delivered yesterday!  I think they're hooked!  For this event, we had previously ordered from either Panera or Bear Rock and people just ate so they wouldn't be hungry.  No one really enjoyed the bland, uncreative and mass-produced lunches put together by these chain restaurants.  But thankfully, we've been saved (y'all still has a super-chef cape, right?)!  Tamra Wise and I had to fight people off to keep them from devouring the lunches before attending the rally!!  Thanks so much and we look forward to ordering from Chef Mario's for next year's event!!  Take care of yourselves!
Richelle C. Mitchell
Corporate Liaison & Communications Associate
RHA Health Services, Inc.

Kelsey and Darcy,
Just wanted to let you know that Chef Mario’s did it again!  The food was excellent, the service was wonderful, and we got a lot of really great compliments from our employees/contractors.  Your Chefs were exactly on time, had everything set up before the crowd starting lining up, and kept the tables full of food the whole time.  The only complaint is that we ran out of brownies before everyone could get one (we’ll have to remember that for next year and order extras!).
Thanks again for a wonderful experience.  Chef Mario’s never lets us down!
Sandy LaRusso
Human Resources Assistant
Cotton Incorporated

I apologize for how late this is but... My husband and I were married on October 10, 2009. You all catered our wedding reception at the Garner Optimist Club and I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU your way. You made our day so beyond special. It is six months later and people are STILL raving about the food and service. I have suggested your business to so many people I cannot even count! Thank you 500 times over for making our wedding reception such a wonderfully perfect time.
P.S. Our photographer took some awesome pictures of your dishes and displays. If you would like to use them please let me know and I will send them your way.
Mrs. Lynnette F. Bodenstine
We’re back from Ft. Lauderdale. It was an extremely successful trip. The men were crowned NATIONAL CHAMPIONS and our women finished 8th – we were third place as a combined team!! It was another very exciting year for the YOTA Swim Team!!
Thanks so much to all of you guys for such a wonderful pre-meet experience. All of the coaches on deck mentioned to me how close knit our team was and how excited they were to be together, cheering for one another at the meet. I’m convinced that the time that we spent with you guys in the kitchen made a significant impact on our program, allowing us to swim fast and have fun at the YMCA National Championships.
Thanks so much!!!
Chad Onken
Head Coach/Director of Competitive Swimming
YMCA of the Triangle Area Swim Team (YOTA)

What a pleasure it is doing business with Chef Mario’s!!  It’s so nice to have the kind of trust in a company that allows me to place a big order like this and be completely confident that the order will be delivered without a hitch, even though I am not able to be here on the day of the event!  Chef Mario’s is a truly valuable asset for Cotton Incorporated to have.
L. Keys
Thanks, Darcy.
We just finished up.  The food was absolutely fantastic.  The beef was the most popular item, but I don't think there was anything that we and our meeting attendees didn't "rave" about. You guys did a wonderful job with the setup and presentation - having the menu posted was also a very nice touch. It all looked very appetizing and inviting.
Our guests were very impressed and be assured that Chef Mario's will be highly recommended by our legal department to the company for future affairs. I know if I'm put in charge again we'll certainly be calling you! Thanks again for really coming through for us.  Please let me know if you need anything else.
Best regards,
Jake Sullivan
Legal Affairs | Red Hat, Inc.

The lunch today (Thursday) was great. My boss said it was the best ever and he's hard to please. He asked if he could he get the recipe.
I know I keep asking for recipes but I promise this one is only for my boss.
I have learned that the majority of our group eats low-carb. There was a lot of potatoes left. Next time I'll stick with the cauliflower!
Looking forward to the sandwiches tomorrow. We said 30 people right?

You may not have gotten my email about the sandwiches we had for our baby shower. They were wonderful. Everyone commented on them-- and the slaw. They all wanted to know where we ordered them from. It was good advertising! We actually ran out of the slaw- it was sooo good!
Debra Carter, North Carolina Hospital Association
"You will NOT go wrong with Chef Mario & his team.  We are very difficult to please, & they have consistently gone above our expectations for food quality, flavors, display, etc.  He's catered everything for us from small lunches for 10 to large functions for 200 & comes through brilliantly.  In fact, several people have told me that eating Chef Mario's food is like eating gourmet after having fast food for 2 weeks.  I can not say enough great things about Mario & team...they are prompt (usually early), listen to feedback & act on it, have a wonderful passion for food & for what they do, are professional, are nice & pleasant, etc.  Plus, if I want something special, like a Cuban menu, they come up with something & people always rave.  

As for pricing, I give him a budget (like $15pp) & he comes up with the menu.  I am a control freak, so with everyone else I need to know what they prepare ahead of time, but they knows us & our expectations so well that I trust them now...they can send me the menu for the week on Monday & very rarely do I ask them to make changes (we have training classes that are 2.5 weeks long, which is why I get a weekly menu specific to our classes).

Chef Mario's is hands-down the best caterer in the area, in my opinion.  Everyone loves his food, from my picky 2 year old to our picky employees.  He's the best!"
                             Bonnie Long- Salix Pharmaceuticals

Re: Chef Mario's Wins Both Awards at the Great Chefs of the Triangle Competition
OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!! That is fantastic!!!
Now, are we gonna see any of that 'stuff' (pretty sad when a client boils culinary art down to the word 'stuff'!!!) on the catering menu!!?
I think it would be awesome and I would be ordering for 10 people over my actual count!!
You make a gal proud. I have sung your praises to those who have never experienced you and to those that have, I haven't needed to say a word, they rave at me about where in heavens name did you find this place.
Just remember I will always be able to say...I knew them when!
Thanks for sharing the pix and article, it was awesome to see!!!
Eileen Sullivan, LabCorp of America, Inc.

Every in-kind donation that we receive allows us to focus our funding on getting food to people who need it. The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina distributes food and non-food essentials to more than 860 agencies serving people in need, including children’s programs, programs for the elderly, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and group homes. The Food Bank is also there during times of natural disasters serving the entire community.
Thank you again for your continuing support of the Food Bank’s work.
Sorry to be so long getting back to you but the food was wonderful. The girls kept coming back for more and there was still plenty. I was amazed how fresh the french toast remained.....it didn't dry out even after several hours. I took the left over french toast home, had it the next day and it was still delicious. Thank you again for another perfect event!!!
Any time I need excellent food.....you are it!!

Hello, Chef Mario and Darcy!
Thanks so much for all of your hard work and enthusiasm for the Epicurious Vino Challenge!!  Even though I could not taste your delicious signature dish due to the nuts, the other two dishes you brought were absolutely scrumptious (no surprise there!)!!  Also, I loved the melon carvings!  I overheard many people at the event (including my parents who adored the poached pears) raving about your food (all three dishes!) and your artistry.
Chef Mario, you are truly an inspired chef who deserves these rave reviews!
You and Darcy's eager, friendly demeanors and zest for life made all the difference when Debbie and I felt overwhelmed by all of the work required to bring this event into being.  We were both so proud to have a chef of your stature on board for our event!  As far as we are concerned you and Darcy will always be winners!  God bless you both and all of your culinary crew!!
Best wishes always,
Richelle C. Mitchell, AmeriCorps* VISTA Member RHA Howell, Inc.

With Pat & Jodi, I want to thank you and Darcy very much for your kind and generous gift last week.  The food was superb!
The soup was unbelievable - robust and complex in flavor, and with a smoothness that made me want to savor every spoonful.
We loved the salads with the special touch, too, and the pasta fazool was very satisfying but mild to the palate - just right!
Many thanks from all of us!
Best Regards,
John McKenna
www.clearhorizons.net Your Gateway to Natural Healing

I just want to say how much I love Chef Mario’s, we used to have you cater some of office lunches and after one time you were my favorite by far!!!! We have cut out most of office lunches BUT now I have found a way to have my Chef Mario’s again at the Wycliff Cafe. I can't wait to come and have my favorite salads and sandwiches again. I'm so glad I have found you again. Thanks for the wonderful service you provide!!!!
See you soon.
Carla Hudgins, Smith Barney

For me, Chef Mario's has been a godsend! Not only do I eat healthier (and really delicious meals), but I have a lot more time in the evenings to do work or just relax. My days are less hectic, my life is happier, and my tummy is grateful!
Julia & Andrew

Darcy, our party was a great success thanks to your catering expertise. We really appreciate everything you did to establish the groundwork, and all that Chef Mario's did from start to finish on the day of the event.
Setting out the beautiful fruit display and colorful appetizer cheese cake signaled the beginning of our outdoor summer party.  The smooth transition from a grill in action to an artistically arranged buffet table was amazing. How could those little burgers, the chicken, beef, and and grilled shrimp become so beautifully garnished? Each salad and sauce accented the vegies and meats perfectly. Then, as if he had relaxed all afternoon instead of doing all that work, Chef Mario's welcoming manner made us all feel as if we were at a special event entering the dining room. There were many compliments, from appetizers to the delicious dessert cookies, all night long. Thanks for all you did.  We will certainly call on you again to plan our next party.
Claire and John Vaeth

Sorry I've not gotten to you quicker.  But, my retirement reception food was superb.  Lots of comments on the food, the presentation--it was just all around outstanding and lived up to my expectations.  I appreciate you all working with Trish so well to put it together and get things the way I wanted them.Lotsa luck in the future.  Got any internships open?
See you.
Thanks again profusely.
North Carolina State University
5 reasons I love Chef Mario's
1. Chili, Chili Chili... sooooo good! Mmmmmmm!
2. For Passover, we had Leg of Lamb that will blow your socks off!!
3. You haaaave to try the Quesadillas!
4. Peanut Butter cookies have become a regular.
5. Love having conversations with Chef Mario.
Shea, age 12

Chef Mareow’s Food is Lowfat. Kom on avrebody go to Chef Mareow’s Lowfat Food. He cooks lowfat!
Leigh, age 5

(Shea and Leigh Whittaker are the beautiful children of Jeff Whittaker, one of our very first Personal Chef Clients. Client since 1998)

Everything was GREAT!!  The boys did a super job...I think you have a good thing goin' with your apprentice program!!  I loved your staying close by the table and telling the guests what was available to enjoy!!  Very nice touch!!  Thanks for the super job...tell Mario the food was spectacular as usual!!  Y'all are great to work with...loved it!!  
Caroline Sewell
Encore Events

It was fantastic!  Everyone raved about the food.  My expectations were exceeded.  I will never throw another party without Chef Mario.  
Thank you so much for the excellent food and service.
Patricia   Cary, NC

We wanted to improve our diets without spending hours preparing meals. We now have a healthy, gourmet meal in just minutes. The food is great, and we have more time to enjoy our hobbies.
Lee Anne  & Dean

Oh, for heaven's sake, your food is AWESOME!  And lovely presentation, excellent delivery -- everyone is raving.  THANK YOU SO MUCH! FOR EVERYTHING!  The snapper is incredible, the veggie stacks have such good texture and depth of flavor, all the details are perfect.  I'm eating the flourless chocolate delight right now...  and it's delightful...    Y'ALL ROCK!
I'm looking forward to our next meal together!
Emily Herbert, Duke University

I found you by doing a search on the internet for this area.  Many chefs would only cook in the person's house.  My friend/work associate didn't need to deal with that.  With other places we had to sign up for a time and go put the meals together ourselves.  That wasn't appealing.  Chef Mario's offered the perfect service for our needs - he cooks the meals in his own kitchen AND delivers them!  That's awesome!  Thank you for the service.  What I was looking for is exactly what you offer.

I have to say THANK YOU for the absolute delicious and healthy meals!! My girlfriend, Sharon, has given me your meals twice now since I have been sick and what a GIFT your food is!! I absolutely rave about the quality and scrumptiousness of the food.

Joel and I wanted to thank you both immediately for all the kindness and support you have shown us.  Being able to get the whole deposit back from ya'll will help us to get all the family we desperately wanted to have at our wedding out to New Mexico.  We couldn't have done it without you!  Without that our wedding might not have been possible.  That alone is so much to thank you for but then you cooked all this wonderful food for us.  Now we can just spend our time being together before Joel leave on Jan. 4.  We won't have to worry about cooking and going out to eat we can just stay in and break bread together as we won't be able to do for at least 8 months.  You have warmed our hearts and fed our stomachs.  I will tell everyone I know this wonderful story and how you contributed.  Thank you!  We are grateful for such wonderful friends and chefs!"
All our love and thanks!
Sara and Joel

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much everyone at my party loved your food.   Everything was delicious, beautifully presented,  and there was so much of it!   I have to admit that I wasn't too crazy about the idea of  Tomato Basil Mozzarella Cheesecake, and I even asked about exchanging that item for something else.  You set me straight, but neither your nor her explanation/description did it justice.   Everyone raved about it, and it was the first thing to go!
Again, thank you very much for helping me out with my party.   I was  more than satisfied (impressed actually) with the food, the presentation, your service, and the price!   If I have another party before moving to Miami (by year-end), you'll definitely hear from me (a more than satisfied customer).   I will also tell my friends about you.
By the way, Wendy knew of your business because a while ago she had surgery that kept her bed-ridden for a few weeks.  A bunch of her friends bought her prepared meals from you and she has always raved about the food.   Now I know why.....the food was as delicious to eat, as it was beautiful to behold.  
Thanks again.
Joe Gonzalez

I do like the packaging because I use one for lunch! The servings are a good size, too – not too large!
Julia Fielding

For people like us, who are used to eating out as much as 6 nights a week, and who don’t want to hunker down over a booklet  to check points, you could really make a difference
Tom Joyner
Great menu this time! Very healthy and foods the kids will enjoy.
Connie Degler

Wow – you were all great-people loved everything…
Kate O’Hagan

Mario, the very best yet…we love the sloppy joe’s; a great lunch for Dick and the fruit and salad fixings along with yummy dressing is great!!! We’re just loving the variety and the extras and you are so thoughtful and gracious to us!! Many, many thanks for the delicious goodies and the super variety!
Marian Taylor

You guys rock! Every other  Tuesday is a day to look forward to now, with a bunch of good food in the fridge. You guys outdid yourselves this week!
Scott Jernigan

Everything that I have tried has been delicious! I have particularly enjoyed the salmon and the chicken saltimbocca. I love the balsamic dressing. You should mass produce it! It is simply delicious.
I have really enjoyed the ginger chicken and the surprisingly meatloaf was wonderful as I never knew meatloaf could taste so good. †I am pleased that I found no celery and if it was in anything, I did not find it. †I really love your service and I appreciate all of your hard work.
Julie Green

Everything is flawless!!  I’ve been sharing the meals with my office mates, and we’re all thrilled!! Thank you so much!
Cecily Boyd