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(To place a catering order, please give us a call at 919-781-4141 or e-mail us at Email: chefmario@bellsouth.net)
All Orders must be received by the Wednesday at noon the week before your delivery (remember we're cooking from scratch here and that takes some planning!) Just fill in your info below, choose your package, if you're going Custom also choose your entrees and we'll take it from there! We'll drop you a line with the confirmation that your order was received and we'll remind you on the Tuesday before your delivery to give you your estimated delivery time!
For more info on the Personal Chef Service, please visit the PCS Q&A link on the Personal Chef Service Page.
Thank you and we look forward to cooking for you!
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Billing Info (If Same, Leave Blank)*Please be sure to fill out NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER AND/OR E-MAIL when placing your order so that we can communicate with you about your order and confirm to place you on the calendar. Orders with incomplete information cannot be processed and you'll miss out on all the yummies!**
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Now for the fun part...The FOOD!
Each package is delivered in entirity on the Wednesday of your choosing. Each package comes complete with the entrees, applicable sides, fresh tossed salad kit with our home made dressing and fresh fruit.

Chef's Choice Packages
5 Entrees Chef Choice Package                $1855 entrees (2 servings each = 10 servings or Dinner for Two for 5 days)
5 Entrees Chef Choice Package
5 entrees (4 servings each = 20 servings)
Paleo/ Clean Eater Packages (Chef's Choice Only)
5 Entree Paleo Package                    $2255 Entree (2 servings of each = 10 Meals)
5 Entree Paleo Package                     $4005 Entree (4 Servings of each = 20 Meals)
6 Entree Paleo Package                     $4756 Entree (6 Servings of each = 36 Meals)
Custom Packages
Five Entrees Custom Package
5 Entrees (4 Servings each = 20 Servings)
Six Entrees Custom Package
6 Entrees (6 Servings each = 36 Servings)
Eight Entrees Custom Package
8 Entrees (6 Servings each = 48 Servings)
Ten Entree Custom Package
10 Entrees (6 Servings each = 60 Servings)

Please Select Your Entrees from the Menu List Below
(Depending on your package, select 5, 6, 8, or 10 entrees)

Select One Entree Per Line
Red Meat-SeafoodWhite MeatVegetarian and Vegan
Entree 1
Entree 2
Entree 3
Entree 4
Entree 5
Entree 6
Entree 7
Entree 8
Entree 9
Entree 10
A La Carte Items

Select one a la carte Item per line
Soups & Stews
$20.00 for 4 (8oz) servings, unless otherwise noted
A la carte Salads, Dressings and Sides
**please note dressing selection in the "Additional Comments" section when ordering**
Sweets, Cakes and Breakfast Items
Sweets are $15.00 per each dozen
Specialty Sweets are $45.00 per 8" cake (serves 10-12), $55.00 per 10" cake (serves 14-16)
**please note size of cake and/or choice of sweet in "additional comments" section when ordering**
A la carte 1
A la carte 2
A la carte 3
A la carte 4

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