Team-Building Cooking Class Parties, Chef Mario's Style...   
Forget all you think you know about Cooking Classes and Welcome to our version of "Hell's Kitchen"...

There will be mistakes, there may be tears and you will eat what you cook
In this class, your employees will have to sharpen valuable skills such as communication, networking, creative thinking and cooperation, as well as learning how to cook.

What to expect
Expect to get your hands dirty. We don't put on a show- YOU are the cooks. We are merely your guides.

Expect to work. We will help you along the way, but this is your team-building class and your dinner.

Lastly, Expect the Unexpected. We have been known to pull out a few tricks. Do you think you're a good listener? Hopefully you'll be quick enough to grab an apron- and how are your knife skills? We will be standing by to give you tips, instructions and help you out of any jams, but you will be required to work with your team to ensure your dinner turns out fabulous!

What you'll need
A team of 10-40 folks
A good sense of humor
A hungry tummy

The Specifics
We offer our Cooking Class Experience to teams of 10-40 people. The price for our cooking class will depend on the number in the group and start at $50.00 per person and is based on your minimum guaranteed headcount. The menus are best left up to the Chef so he can devise a super fun and challenging menu for your group, but please let us know of any food allergies in your group and we'd be happy to accommodate!

The Team Building Cooking Class Menus consists of:
Salad Course
Double Entree Course
Accompanying Sides
Dessert Course
Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea
Plus an ice-breaker appetizer on us!

There is a Kitchen and Staff fee of $550 per party (regardless of party size) to cover space, room set-up/room reservation for up to 2 hours for your meal, staff, set-up, break-down and clean-up.

Cooking Classes are subject to the availability of the kitchen so we highly recommend booking early. A credit card is required to hold your date and the rest is due on or before the day of your cooking class. Once booked, we will turn down any conflicting events to honor our commitment to you, therefore there is a $250.00 cancellation fee once your date is secured.

It is an experience not to be missed and one you won't soon forget.
                                              Come join in on the fun!  

                              **PEAK SEASON BOOKINGS**
As these experiences allow you and your group to take over our kitchen, typically we do not book cooking classes during the months of October-December or April-June. Any bookings accepted during these months require a minimum of 20 and are subject to availability.