Chef Mario's Catering Services

To place a catering order (corporate or private), you can send us an inquiry or better yet, please either e-mail us at or give us a call! We'd love to make sure what you order is exactly what you get and what you need!

At Chef Mario’s, we think cooking is fun, eating is even better and great parties are the result! We think quantity and quality belong in the same grocery cart. In other words, you won’t find bags of frozen meatballs and cocktail weenies in our walk-in refrigerator. And may we suggest choosing oen of our signature savory cheesecakes instead of a platter of pre-cubed pepper jack cheese? Pullleease! These are your friends and co-workers we’re cooking for; let’s treat them right and make it an event to remember!

We always welcome people to do some price comparisons as we know that catering is a substansial part of any event budget, but we also want you to know we will not always be the most economical choice. However, you will get what you pay for! Everything in our kitchen is done FROM SCRATCH, down to our stocks, marinades and even the salad dressings are all hand made and change frequently. We take great pride in what we create, but also know that if you're requesting mini quiches, they will be created from scratch and lovingly made by hand from start to finish. The labor intensity of an item is reflected in the cost. We are also happy to help you customize a menu that is perfect not only in menu but in pricing for your event!

Click the links below for some of our menus!
Our Butcher Bistro Meats Platter