Chef Mario Huante
Executive Chef, Owner
Photo by Tim Broyer

Chef Mario Huante began his culinary career washing dishes at about the age of 14  in a small restaurant in Burlington, Vermont where he was born and raised. After the thrill of moving up from dishwasher to "putting the sauce on the spaghetti" wore off, Chef Huante went to Culinary school at both Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI and finished his school education at the New England Culinary Institute in Essex, VT in 1989.

His initial career took him from Vermont, to Rhode Island, to Florida where he worked as a Banquet Chef and Supervisor and eventually to North Carolina where, after working for an upscale catering company, he had an entrepreneurial seizure and began his personal chef career in 1998.

He began just as traditional personal chefs do and brought all of his pots and pans into each clients home, prepared the weekly meals (always from scratch), and then departed, but as demand for his services grew, it just became impossible to cook for everyone he needed to cook for and in September 2002, he moved into a commercial kitchen in the lower level of a historic home in Cary, NC and became the ONLY personal chef service to deliver meals directly to their clients. As demand grew greater still, he moved into a larger commercial kitchen just off Lake Boone Trail and the beltline, down the street from Rex Hospital where we now operate a full Catering Business as well as Personal Chef Service since approximately August of 2005 and Chef Mario's Inc as you know it now was born.

Chef Mario has always had a deep desire to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle through cooking and has since specialized in "Healthy Familiar Cuisine", which puts a healthy twist on old, familiar favorites.

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