Chef Mario's Inc is Going Green!

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to assist in maintaining a healthy and stable environment, we are making some changes around here and we'd love for you to know about it!

As part of our Green Program, we are transitioning to Enviroware Disposable Plates and Utensils which will naturally break down in normal trash beginning in as little as 9 months, meaning there is nothing extra required on your part- no digging through the trash to recycle and no special recycling program needed!

We are also transitioning to GreenWare Compostable Cups and we can happily provide literature on our new disposables and a Certificate of Biodegradability.

We have also partnered with a biofuel company that will take our fryer oil to recycle it into a fuel alternative (not that we use fryers all that much, but it's just an extra step we're taking)

These new disposables with help reduce the amount of trash the collects in the landfills and are implementing a container recycling program in our kitchen.

To help encourage the use of the Enviroware disposables, they will be provided at no additional charge for Corporate Catered Breakfasts and Lunches. There will be a fee for requests for non-Enviroware use.                    

Thank you for helping us create a Greener World!

From Your Friends at Chef Mario’s, Inc.