What Fresh Means To Us
When we say we deliver fresh food, we mean it! Not only do we focus on local produce whenever possible, which we get in almost daily, everything we create is created from fresh products which makes everything we create naturally low in sodium, preservatives and scary ingredients you can't pronounce!

Our dressings are all made in house with all fresh ingredients, no powdered mixes!

Our freezer sits mostly empty except for our dough (if we don't freeze the dough, it will proof and create the Pillsbury dough boy's evil ever growing twin) and the occasional flash frozen produce (which can be up to 45% more packed with nutrition than even your fresh fruits and veggies, which are processed immediately after harvesting at their peak!)

We make our own stocks in house, which instantly reduces the sodium content in what we create

We make all our own sweets, the #1 most commonly outsourced item in restaurants and kitchens! (We do not currently offer sheet cakes as we know how labor intensive it is to make our line of sweets and we simply aren't set up for that level of baking at this time)

We are proud supporters of the 10% Farm to Form Campaign and have committed to building North Carolina's local food economy with the purchase and support of local farms and businesses

We cut and prep all our produce in house daily (pre-cut produce is frequently washed with a preservative to slow the spoiling process as the moment you wash or cut produce, it begins to break down)

We shred our own cheese (pre-shredded cheese is coated with a  preservative to keep it from clumping)

We butcher our meats in house and you will be hard pressed to find any deli-meats (i.e. sectioned or formed meat products) in our fridge! (Think about this...you see a large wad of chicken at the deli. It has no bones, no guts and can be put into a slicer. When was the last time you saw a boneless chicken? The substances that bind these together are non-meat additives, meat emulsions and extracted myofibrillar proteins...yum...)

This amount of care goes into EVERY SINGLE CREATION, whether you are enjoying our Catering Services, Personal Chef Meals, or joining us for breakfast or lunch in our Café!

Why? Because you deserve it and we are what we eat!
We believe healthy bodies are created though the consumption of sustenance that the body recognizes as food and knows how to process and efficiently digest, which naturally boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure (remember we don't have hidden sodium sources in our recipes when you cook from fresh!), regulates weight and cholesterol, even with the more decadent side of what we do!
Safety and Quality Go Hand in Hand
The way we cook not only makes our food of the highest possible quality, but also SAFER for you as well!

Here's How:
We cook from fresh for you DAILY and do not use our freezer to hold your food for reheating, making what we do SAFER (reducing the potential for any time/temperature abuse, which is the main source of any food-borne illnesses) and of the absolute highest quality possible!

Since we create everything in house, we know exactly what is in each and every creation and when we can make safe substitutions to work around dietary restrictions or food allergies (ask us about our Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Nutless Options!)

**Note- we do cook with gluten and nuts so we cannot guarantee a nutless or gluten free environment, however the upmost care will be taken when preparing menus that contain participants with food allergies.
The Only Potential Downfall
Since we do create everything every day from scratch, that takes a lot of planning (from our hand picked groceries to prep lists for perfect execution each day) which means we do require more lead time than some other folks around. We do hope that the level of quality and benefits you receive from catering with us makes that little extra planning on your part well worth your efforts and keeps you always a part of the Chef Mario's Family!